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in Gaming: Playing Dawn of War II

I recently got into Dawn of War II over summer without intending to. I didn’t particularly like the game to begin with but it became much more engaging when I lowered the difficulty on the campaign and was able to play through without exhausting my brain and clicking finger every level. I will go back and play through on the higher difficulties for sure but it’s been very satisfying to level up my squads and feel them becoming more powerful. I noticed that the advancement is much more noticeable and the pace is very good so that you’re never left wanting for anything for too long, but instead your desire propels you to play just one more mission, and then another, until suddenly you’re coming to the close of the campaign.

I think I’m very close to the end of the campaign and it’s quite exciting. I must say Dawn of War II has been a great game to play and I think I’ll have to get the expansion for sure. In the mean time there’s plenty of reason to replay the game by outfitting my squads differently. For example, in the current campaign I actually made Tarkus (primarily a medium ranged squad) into a melee squad and that’s been very interesting. Who knows what I’ll do next time, but regardless it will be exciting.

For anyone who hasn’t picked up this game but likes real-time strategy games I think it’s definitely worth picking up. It doesn’t have the base-building that traditional RTS games have (in fact I’d almost call Dawn of War II a real-time tactics game), but the RPG elements are compelling and the combat is engaging. The story isn’t too bad either, though not the most innovative. All-in-all a game worth playing, methinks.

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