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on the Internet: Verizon offers FiOS trials and month-to-month service


This summer I’ve been really frustrated with internet services when I tried to find a service for the apartment I was going to live in. The biggest issue is that broadband services in the US are TERRIBLE. On top of that the providers tend to offer their higher-tier services only on long-term contracts. Not that their higher-tier services are really that high to begin with.

However, FiOS was the light that descended from the heavens for me… until I realized it too was marred by the same defects… until now! I think Verizon has made the right move and am eagerly waiting to see where this goes. FiOS will be the first thing I get (assuming it’s in my area) when I go out into the real world, so Verizon – you can count me as one of your future customers for broadband service.

Until then, though, I have Duke University’s network to use and boy oh boy is it a joy!

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in Photography: Loneliness

Photo taken with: Motorola Droid

I saw this rose when I was walking to the bus stop and thought it was interesting. Who knows what could have transpired to end up with this flower being placed there! I’m envisioning a boy trying to woo a girl, but having his heart broken and thus leaving behind the flower as he walks away. Who knows…

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