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in Life: Grocery Shopping and Bathroom Cleaning

Life in an apartment has been interesting. In staying at this place over the summer doing research I’ve gone through some experiences that I haven’t had to pay attention to before very much: grocery shopping and bathroom cleaning. Granted they were there before but just didn’t become notable until now.

Going to Kroger was a daunting experience. All those isles of ingredients that could potentially become something deliciously edible if only the right combination of procedures was applied to it. Holy cow, where to start? Having no guidance I had no idea. But I’ve decided that when I go home for the last 5 weeks of this summer I will learn to cook at home with my mother.

Today I also spent some time cleaning the bathroom. I probably should have done it much earlier but I was lazy. I got the necessary material from Kroger, however and spent about an hour cleaning. Having had previous experience this wasn’t so bad, but dorm life didn’t require me to do this. In the apartment I don’t have Resident Life and Housing Services staff cleaning the bathrooms every day. I do have one thing in my favor – I like to clean! Cleaning the bathroom was thus not a bad experience and now my bathroom is much cleaner!

I made a vow to myself today that I will become much more adept at mundane things like grocery shopping, cooking, and so on.

We’ll see how that goes.

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