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on the Internet: Associated Content

I write short articles for Associated Content to earn a little bit of money on the side. My most recent article involves lessons I learned during my third year of college. I also have similar articles for my first and second years.

Check out my profile!

Associated Content is a website where users can submit articles on any topic and generate revenue from it. The company takes a share of the ad revenue and the rest you get. I haven’t become a millionaire as a result of Associated Content but I’ve earned a pretty steady trickle of income that’s let me do things like buy a $9.99 game on Steam every once in a while. I’m sure the potential to earn money is higher if I decided to pursue more relevant topics that drew in more traffic but for now I’m satisfied. Still, perhaps with a cross-marketing campaign of sorts I can make even more!

In any case, check it out and maybe you’d like to try it too! If so, and you found out about Associated Content from me, please use this referral link! Thank you!

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in Cooking: Day 2, Omelette

The omelette did not come out as well as the scrambled eggs did. You can see the browning in the picture. However I think it happened because the pan I was using was of a smaller size that worked well for the eggs but not for the omelette. I’m not sure what sort of procedures there are for cooking the top of the omelette without overcooking the bottom but I’ll do some research on youtube and such and hopefully figure it out.

I haven’t yet figured out what else I can cook but hey! I can work with eggs now! Besides this I can already make toast (with a toaster) and find a banana and some orange juice so there’s what I always see as the classic American breakfast.

Once I figure out what I can make I will write more. A good friend of mine is visiting for a few days starting Sunday so if she’s willing to help me out with it we’ll cook up some stuff and I’ll learn more in the process.

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in Life: A Vacation for once!?

Sorry for a lack of posting… I’ve actually really gotten to enjoy my vacation.

This will be my start back into posting again. You’ll get Day 2 of cooking as well as other things I’ve done this summer.

Enough free relaxation I think, let’s add a bit of structure to it.

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in Cooking: Day 1, Scrambled Eggs

I should probably find better lighting for the picture. But that issue aside, I think the scrambled eggs came out real well!

I did some research on youtube first to make sure I had a a good idea of how to go about making scrambled eggs and it wasn’t too complicated. Watching kids half my age show me how to make scrambled eggs was a bit of a blow to my ego though. Still, I did it!

What’s next? I think maybe I’ll make Scrambled Eggs Lvl. 2 (That is, I’ll try adding things to the scrambled eggs) or I will try to make an omelette. Wish me luck!

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in Cooking: T-minus One Day

Having settled in comfortably in the house, I will wake up tomorrow morning and attempt to make myself some food. I plan to start simple and create a gourmet scrambled egg dish that will appease even the gods! From there I will make one cooking attempt per day until I need to pack again to return to Duke. Let me know if you have an idea of something I can try!

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Today is my birthday!

I’m 21 today. What a ride so far…

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in Life: Perseverance Prevails!

Today I woke up at 7am feeling fresh after a wonderful night’s sleep that did not involve waking up at 3am or anything else unfortunate.

In celebration of my good mood, I provide you with this:

Supreme Court Overturns Car

I love The Onion and its comedy! I hope you do as well.

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in Life: Bad Habit Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is generally described as feeling worse and worse until hitting a plateau after which symptoms dissipate.

I don’t think I could physically be dependent on any of my bad habits but it seems plausible that my body adjusted to my sleep cycle and is having a very difficult time adjusting back to a more normal one, for example. What I’ve been facing in the last few days is the culmination of a week of discomfort in which though I went to bed at 11pm, I would either get up at 3am and be unable to sleep only to crash and want to pass out in bed at about 11am or if I slept all night it would not be a restful sleep. I’d still want to pass out at 11am. Clearly I have some issues to work out and part of it is that I’ve gotten myself used to sleeping strangely to the point that my body thinks a more normal sleep schedule is abhorrent and doesn’t want to follow it.

I’ve been having trouble eating well too. Though for about a week I was able to essentially force myself onto a normal eating schedule I can’t seem to keep it up.

Perhaps I’m just losing the discipline that I’m doing my best to develop? That’d be unfortunate. Regardless, since I’m aware that this is happening I should do everything I can to make sure I continue to work hard at my new commitments and hopefully it will get easier with time and practice.

I also hope that going home will provide some respite that will aid in my recuperation and reinvigoration.

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on the Internet: Free Year of Amazon Prime for .edu Addresses!


[Amazon Logo]

I recently looked at Amazon Prime when looking at ordering some routers from Amazon. I didn’t end up getting the routers from them but Amazon Prime looks to be an amazing deal for anyone who deals with Amazon more than once a year.

The best part of Amazon Prime is the free two-day shipping on eligible items. While it’s reason to be cautious, if an item or a type of item you purchase frequently is eligible then the deal is worth it. For other items Amazon offers free shipping (that is, they normally cost some amount to ship but this fee is waived). Together this covers pretty much any item you can think to buy from Amazon.

For a college student this is a great opportunity to get groceries very conveniently and quickly. Or if you’re like my mom, this is a great way to save on sending a student snacks and such to make sure he’s eating well. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the potential savings on last minute textbook purchases or school supplies.

Even if you’re not a student or don’t have access to a .edu address, there is still a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to see if it is useful for you. I think it’s a great opportunity to try it out.

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in Life: Things to Do on Sleepless Nights

Two days ago I was unable to sleep until 7AM. Yesterday I managed to get to bed at 11PM but woke up around 3AM. My sleep cycle is a mess but I’m doing everything I can to rectify it. in the meantime I’ve decided that if I’m going to be up unable to sleep anyway, I may as well make the time useful rather than lay in bed trying futilely trying to sleep or playing games.

On Saturday night (or Sunday morning, if you prefer) I researched the fluid mechanics of draft tubes and as a result I now know how draft tubes work. Early this morning I started to solve systems using Lagrangian mechanics so that I can begin to understand the theory behind the research project I’m working on. In both cases these are things I’ve wanted to do. Instead of taking time when I am sleepless to goof off, I’ve managed to turn sleepless nights into something a bit more productive. If you have a To-Do list, simply follow that and you’ll be immensely productive.

The inevitable exhaustion at random points during the day is troubling but since I had been productive instead of lazy while I was unfortunately awake, I had the luxury to rest during the day.

I didn’t sleep however! I’m going to sleep now and hopefully not wake up until later in the morning tomorrow and have a normal day tomorrow.

Let’s hope it works!!

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