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in Life: Random Awesomeness in Front of the Duke Chapel

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I was waiting for the bus to go back to the apartment when some people showed up with this woman in a white dress and started taking pictures. I’m guessing it’s for a wedding or something, but yeah. Seeing this sorta stuff happen is always very amusing and the Duke Chapel is actually pretty popular for this kinds stuff. The Duke Gardens, as well. It just makes me feel fortunate to be here in all this beauty because people are taking time out of their lives to come here and make amazing memories for themselves and I get to friggin’ live here! All the more reason to make the most of it right?

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in Photography: Soaring

Photo taken with: Motorola Droid

I saw this airplane flying high above on a cloudless day and it evoked memories of ages past when I used to dream of nothing but this scene right here. Now I have more to think about and I can’t dream as freely, and yet this image is as striking as ever.

Contrails are beautiful things.

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