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in Life: Getting Back on Track

The most difficult part of creating new habits is actually making them a habit. In the past few days I’ve gotten off my more efficient lifestyle and it’s translated into a loss of productivity and even a lowering of my mood. I’ve still gone to the bookshop and I’ve still gone into lab (and even made some important steps on my project) but I could have done a lot more with little effort.

I actually learned this in two ways because on top of the abstract front of making things a habit I have a cup that I use to drink chocolate milk and orange juice out of. If I’m doing well with returning the cup to its place and rinsing it out, then the next time I’d like a drink it’s very easy to get the drink and pour it out. On the other hand if I’m feeling lazy and just leave it around, I mess up my room which stresses me out and next time I want to get a drink I have to spend time cleaning it out. All-in-all the short-term gain is not worth the extra hassle, so it’s better off if I just return the cup everytime. But while I can see very tangibly the result of not following my cup habit longer term goals that could take weeks or months to see positive or negative results are difficult to track and thus very difficult to actually do consistently. The loss of time or failure as a result of lack of preparation can be exponentially more severe, however, so it’s all the more vital to stay on track with the bigger things that are harder to keep on top of. I suppose that’s understandable enough.

Hopefully in the next few days you’ll see me get my efficiency back and life will be good again.

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