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in Technology: Using an MP3 File for Motorola Droid’s Ringtone

Recently I decided to do some organizing of my Motorola Droid’s SD card and also add a few more tunes I could use as ringtones and alarm tones. However when I disconnected the phone to set the mp3’s as my ringtone and such, I found that they weren’t selectable!

What had gone wrong? Did I mess up my phone by accident?

Turns out I forgot that I previously had to flag and mp3 file as a ringtone for it to show up on the menu. So for all you people out there who might have forgotten or perhaps just don’t know, here’s how to set an mp3 file as a ringtone.

1) Load the mp3 file onto the phone’s memory.

This should be pretty straightforward. You can save the file anywhere, but I’d recommend keeping it organized.

2) Go to the default Music app.

Here you should be able to see the file and play it. This is a good check to make sure nothing went wrong.

3) Touch the song in the song list until the menu comes up and select “Use as phone ringtone”.

This flags the song as a ringtone tune. It doesn’t automatically make the mp3 your ringtone, mind you. You can also select multiple songs as ringtones such that you can have one when your phone rings and several others for various alarms.

Hopefully you can benefit from my mistake and not spend 30 minutes trying various futile things.

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