Benny's Adventures

in Cooking: Day 2, Omelette

The omelette did not come out as well as the scrambled eggs did. You can see the browning in the picture. However I think it happened because the pan I was using was of a smaller size that worked well for the eggs but not for the omelette. I’m not sure what sort of procedures there are for cooking the top of the omelette without overcooking the bottom but I’ll do some research on youtube and such and hopefully figure it out.

I haven’t yet figured out what else I can cook but hey! I can work with eggs now! Besides this I can already make toast (with a toaster) and find a banana and some orange juice so there’s what I always see as the classic American breakfast.

Once I figure out what I can make I will write more. A good friend of mine is visiting for a few days starting Sunday so if she’s willing to help me out with it we’ll cook up some stuff and I’ll learn more in the process.

30 July 2010 - Posted by | Cooking

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