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in Technology: Motorola Droid’s Android 2.2 Update

I’ve been looking forward to the Android 2.2 update to roll out for the Motorola Droid for a week now but finally got impatient and manually installed it. The process intimidated me at first but I found a very useful guide here:

The instructions there were clear and easy to follow. The one issue I had is figuring out what the “root” of an SD card is but it was just a brain fart on my part – the root of an SD card is just the SD card without going into any folders.

My experience with the update is pleasant. The most noticeable differences are more desktop screens, a dedicated phone button that’s accessible on all screens, and a speedier feel to the whole system. I love the smoother feel to my phone and I swear it’s ten times faster (not sure what the actual performance increase is though). There are also numerous small tweaks to the interface in the menus and whatnot.

I haven’t yet messed with the touted new Flash capabilities or tethering but even without that I’m content.

If you have a Motorola Droid, I’d highly recommend manually installing the update if you haven’t received it through Verizon already.

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in Gaming: My Mom Playing on the Wii

I was recently playing New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii with my mom and I was really amused at how she was playing. I decided to take a video and put it here because I think it’s really cute to see my mom playing. I hope you guys think the same too!

The sound is really quiet except for one point (you’ll know when!) because I recorded this on my phone. Also what you do hear is in Tamil so if it sounds strange that’s why.

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