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on the Internet: A Thought Provoking Picture

I’m not sure of the original source but I found it on Reddit in a post titled, “Mondays.” Beyond a representation of the Monday blues I think there’s something greater here. Note that the false smiles required money to obtain. Perhaps we’re all fooling ourselves into thinking we’re happy by spending money when we should really be working on the intangibles that lead to happiness? Regardless of whether this picture is a critique on a materialistic society or anything else, I think it’s interesting.

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in Blogging: Following Up, Week of August 8, 2010

This will be a new weekly installment on my blog. I’ll do my best to follow up on any stories I may have commented on (if I’m able to) and respond to any comments I receive here. I think it’ll help my own follow-through with things and also provide some people more information on something they’re interested in. Thanks Allie for giving me the idea! If you’ve got any follow-up requests send them my way and I will look into it.
  • To Ellie’s comment on the hydrogen harvesting bacteria post asking if I’ve continued cooking and if I’m home: Yes, I’m back home from the summer apartment. I will be moving back in to my dorms in about a week and a half. Unfortunately I haven’t done much more cooking, but I have done a lot of other things. Mainly I’ve de-stressed and de-cluttered my life and started studying for the GRE. Still, I will be trying at least a few more times.
  • Following up on Blizzard’s attempt to mandate real name disclosure on their forums: Blizzard has implemented a Real ID system but made it optional. This seems like a tenuous compromise between anonymity and full accountability but the fact that it’s optional makes it pretty decent I think. Oddly enough upon furtherĀ inspection, it seems the Real ID system was optional from the beginning. I’m startin’ to think that this whole hullabaloo was just another over-reaction by the collective entity known as “the Internet.” It’s probably the only downside of such an open and free communications platform – a lot of people who are unsuitable for mature debates, rational thought, and appropriate responses to changes are allowed to contribute.
  • Related material on the sumo wrestling GIF I found: I think this speaks for itself:

That’s all I have for now. Like I said before if you want something in particular looked at again or if you have questions let me know.

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