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soul eater

Lately I’ve been watching a show called Soul Eater on Hulu. It’s about young pairs of meisters and weapons (a human-type character who can transform into a weapon to be wielded by the meister) at an academy run by Death. These pairs hunt bad souls and witches and keep the world safe. A lot of the concepts are reminiscent of Bleach (which I follow in manga format on Mangastream) but much of the difference and unique qualities of Soul Eater lies in the characters. There’s a lot of depth involved for the main characters and some of the supporting characters have quite a bit of depth too. There’s a good ratio of action-packed, plot-progressing episodes to filler episodes. The pacing hasn’t gotten on my nerves yet but that might be because I’ve been able to watch multiple episodes in a row on Hulu so far (I’m reaching the end of the episodes up so far, though). Really the only thing that bothers me is the animation of Maka’s (one of the main characters) eyes. Outside of that I find the animation and art style very refreshing. My favorite part is the sky – make sure you notice the sun and the moon.

If you’ve got any free time on your hands, check it out!

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