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Google is Closer Than Ever to Taking Over the World!

Apparently in the year 2010 Google flexed its financial muscle and spent 1.6 billion dollars on 40 companies. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue because after all I use Google products and services for practically everything: e-mail, calendaring, searching, reading RSS feeds, and browsing the web. But then I think about how I’m using Google products and services for practically everything: e-mail, calendaring, searching, reading RSS feeds, and browsing the web.

The repetition is not accidental. I’ve sometimes thought about this and it is unsettling. Google’s creed might be “Do No Evil” but even the best of intentions can turn sour quickly. Outside of intentions service outages can cause problems if I am Google-dependent and Google is down. And finally there are privacy issues with one entity knowing practically everything about me.

As long as Google does a decent job this should never be an issue but with people’s lives increasingly becoming affected by the internet the issues become more significant with every second that passes. Eventually legislation will catch up to the internet and provide a foundation on which justice can be defined on the web but until then the onus is on us – the users of the internet – to keep ourselves safe.

To that extent my goal is to move non-essential things off of Google. For example there was a time in which I had a blog on Blogger but I’ve now moved/graduated (however you want to look at it) to WordPress. I’m looking for a RSS feed reader that is not Google Reader. And I can use Firefox as a browser (I still prefer Chrome though…). I can use a different search engine and use Google to double-check if the other one doesn’t suffice. The few things that I can’t easily move is e-mail and calendar.

It’s daunting though! To alter a way of life on the internet is difficult and energy-intensive. Perhaps that’s why Google is and will continue to be successful.

I hope Google never becomes evil.

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  1. As long as you don’t also “move/graduate” from reading bloggers who are behind and still using blogger.

    Comment by Cortney | 2 November 2010 | Reply

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