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Taken with: Motorola Droid

I was at the beach and this is a very interesting sand formation I saw. This is quite close up and it makes it seem almost other-worldly.

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  1. That is an amazing image! At which beach did you photograph it? How close were you to the ground?

    It reminds me of the sort of detail one gets with electron microscopy because it is black and white, with an other-worldly aspect. Don’t start laughing! I do understand that you didn’t actually go to the beach with an electron microscope!
    Merely a metaphor.

    Did you take the photograph recently, in winter? Lots of questions, but it is a very cool photo!

    Comment by Ellie K | 17 February 2011 | Reply

    • I’m not sure which beach exactly but it’s near Beaufort, NC. I had my phone about 10 inches above the ground. I took it within the last 2 weeks so very late winter/early spring. I hope that got all your questions.

      I’m glad you liked the photo!

      Comment by Benny | 21 February 2011 | Reply

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