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5 Cool Things to do with NotePad

notepad.exe_I0002_0409Windows comes with Notepad which initially seems pretty useless but there are a lot of little things you can do with it that are really entertaining are useful. Here’s a website that lists 5 of them:

5 Groovy Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Notepad.exe

I think my favorite is #3. When combined with ways to hide sensitive files I see the potential for a easy journal to keep in a world where computers are ubiquitous.

Check it out! Maybe you’ll find a cool use for Notepad you never knew before! If you do find one, share them here so the world can benefit!

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  1. Hi Benny, thanks for dropping by my blog again! All is well at my end and hoping the same is for you too!

    I think notepad, although basic, is an amazing tool. Thanks for sharing that blog post as it’s highlighted a few things that I really didn’t know it could do!

    All the best

    Comment by Jason | 10 March 2011 | Reply

  2. I use notepad a lot. If you have any slightly more exotic content in a notepad file, make sure to save with the UTF-8 type of encoding. The default is ANSI, and it won’t preserve HTML or other hex or other characters.

    In emergencies, I sometimes copy and paste something I’ve been working on that runs on PHP into notepad, just so I don’t lose my work e.g. if I’m about to lose my internet connection or such. That’s why I mention UTF-8 format.

    Or have I missed the point entirely here? I just noticed that you said notepad.exe . Is that different than the notepad program than the notepad program that has been part of Windows operating systems since, well, forever?

    Comment by Ellie K | 20 March 2011 | Reply

  3. […] with it but if I’m at a computer then the temptation to type is large, especially when you can use Notepad as a very useful, private journaling tool. I’ve tried using it as an engineering brainstorming […]

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