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Dungeon Siege 3 Demo Impressions

Dungeon Siege 1

Back in the day I LOVED Dungeon Siege. In my experience Dungeon Siege is game of epic proportions about a great adventure with RPG elements and tactical elements as well. For whatever reason I just never got Dungeon Siege 2 so I figured I could try out Dungeon Siege 3 and see if I can recapture my enjoyment of the Dungeon Siege series.

Dungeon Siege 3

The first thing I noticed is that the graphics are pretty decent. The characters are modeled well and the effects are nice to look at. The fire though looks very artificial to me for some reason and that stood out to me. Also, I had pretty frequent issues with trying to figure out where the path was going. Often there’d be ramps to the next part of the cave or the woods but it’d be difficult to tell it apart from the normal level ground. Maybe the environments will be varied enough in the full game to avoid that issue becoming a nuisance but if there are going to be a lot of caves or dark areas, that could be a huge problem. That aside, while nothing about the graphical quality and arty style wowed me, nothing struck me as particularly bad either.

Dungeon Siege 3 plays much more like a 3rd person action game rather than an RPG along the lines of Diablo, which is what I remember Dungeon Siege for. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just not what I expected. However I did have trouble with the combat system. The fighting itself looks flashy and powerful. Each character gets 2 stances for different situations and it felt useful. In each stance the characters have only one combo, though with the abilities chained together a sense of variety is created. The targeting system is extremely clunky in my opinion. I tried to change targets in mid combat but more often than not the target did not change until it was defeated, even if I’m suddenly far away because of an ability of being knocked down.

Ah! Something I didn’t mention as noticing first off the bat is that you can pick from 1 of 2 characters to begin with. This is a drastic departure from what I remember the series for. The character development within the game is also much more structured. I can’t develop a ranged character starting as the melee character, for example, if I decide I wanted to change strategy. This type of character progression simplifies advancement but also takes what I consider fun out it. I enjoy planning out how best to advance my character to meet my mood at the moment. Sometimes I want to play the ranged character, and sometimes I want to be the bruiser. Heck, maybe I can even double up as a fighter/healer or ranger/healer. One of my favorite parts of Dungeon Siege is the party system where I can hand-craft a team.

After watching some trailers, particularly this one:

It may be that I’m missing some controls that allow me to change targets quicker, and things like that. I’ll have to take another look at that but in the grand scheme of things the feel of the game just doesn’t suit me.

I have some minor thoughts on the save system and other parts of the game. However, my conclusion for Dungeon Siege 3 is to try it out and if you enjoy it, get it. If not, well no worries.

Personally, I’m going to check out Dungeon Siege 2 and see if it’s more along the lines of what I’m looking for.

Why do I get the feeling that games are becoming simpler and simpler to attract a broader audience? Great commercially, I’m sure, but what does it mean in terms of gameplay? Time will tell, I suppose.

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