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A New Focus to Blogging

I’ve spent considerable amounts of time deciding what I wanted to get out of blogging. The thought process lead me to ask questions like “What exactly is the role of blogging in my life and the lives of others?” and “Does my voice even matter?” After much thought I think I’ve settled on some answers that work for me.

What is the role of blogging in my life?

To be honest I have delusions of grandeur about blogging. There are a number of resources that cultivate the idea that any blogger can become an internet phenomenon, achieving fame and fortune in one fell swoop. The truth is mundane, however, and without joining the circle jerk that is blog optimization I either have to be famous outside of the blog originally or have insight into a niche that relatively few others have access to for sharing. It takes time and effort and nothing can fully develop overnight.

Neither describe me very well.

For me, blogging has come to be an avenue of self-development and introspection. Through writing content I learn, grow, and use words that I don’t get to use frequently as an engineer. When I sit down and write about games I am playing, such as my impressions of Warhammer 40k: Space Marine or my experiences with choice in games, I am taking a passive enjoyment of video games and making it active. Through this process I have teased out what I like and dislike about video games, allowing me to do things like focus on the aspects I do like while being able to determine if any flaws in a game are deal-breakers for me. I engage myself with my passion of gaming by criticizing the industry, analyzing games, and looking to the future. There’s never a stale day as a result.

Blogging also provides new perspectives. Because the nature of the beast is to be public I take time to consider what other people might think of what I blog. This takes me out of my shoes and into others’ shoes, seeing my thoughts with an angle I personally may not have. On top of that I have people who leave comments with thoughts that may not have crossed my mind at all. Taken together my ability to mature myself improves every time I go through the experience of blogging.

What is the role of blogging in the lives of others?
Does my voice even matter?

I think the simplest answer for both questions is that readers will answer this for me. If people find my words to be appealing they will come to the blog and seek more. If they do not, they will not. That’s all there is to it.

As long as I am benefiting from this endeavor it will hold value for me and I can continue without feeling as if I’m wasting my time.

What does this mean for this blog?

I have thoughts occasionally of halting this blog and doing something else. What kept the blog alive was the uncertainty in the “something else” I’d be doing. Now, with some thinking behind it, I can say the blog has positive value to me and I will continue writing for it.

Interestingly, in this re-imagining of blogging as something very personal I find that a lot of successful blogging tips still apply. For example, one of the most popular tips for blogs that I’ve seen is to write often. I think that’s also useful for me because when I go long stretches of time without blogging I find I’ve spent less time processing what’s been happening in my life. Like keeping a journal for some, blogging slows things down and helps me deal with things in life.

You’ll definitely see more from me and I hope it’s entertaining and useful for you.

If you’re a blogger, what are your answers to these questions? If you’re not a blogger, is there anything else in your life that plays this part in your life?

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Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Demo Impressions



Relative to how long the Warhammer 40k series has been around in its various format I am a late entry to the series. But my what a great time I’ve chosen to get into it.

It all began with Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II a few years ago. Pretty soon I’d gotten absorbed into the lore of the world when I stumbled onto the Lexicanum. I ‘m now completely enamored of the world created by Warhammer 40k and its constant warfare.


The first thing I looked for is if the feel of the Warhammer 40k world is captured in this new game. The answer, in my opinion, is a resounding yes. The bleak world is captured in the art of the game, oozing off of every bit of architecture. As combat picks up blood splatters everywhere, the Ultramarine captain you play as mowing down enemies with no mercy. On the harder difficulties you must be wary of your health and the enemies around you but if you really just want to have some fun, turn the difficulty down and you’ll mow down orks in authentic Astartes fashion (Astartes = space marine).

The gameplay itself is fluid and fun. Combat – arguably the most important part of the game – makes sense. Your character moves as you’d expect a hulking space marine to move and fights with the strength of the power armor he wears. The health system encourages fighting where you recover health by performing execution moves or activating Fury mode. To achieve either you must be in the midst of battle killing your enemies.

At any point you can hit your right mouse button to activate your chain sword. It’s very handy for when you get surrounded by enemies and in my opinion a lot of fun in general. You also have other options – the bolt pistol, the standard bolter, and the game’s equivalent of a sniper rifle and a grenade launcher. To be honest I haven’t quite figured out how the grenade launcher works. The other weapons are extremely satisfying to use, however. I particularly like the bolter – if melee combat ever gets tiresome I can hang back a bit and mow down foes. Headshots in particular are satisfying.

If there’s any doubt I’d have for the actual game it’d be what I just mentioned here. It’s all combat and the demo’s two levels were very combat heavy. I didn’t get too much of the plot through the demo so I can’t speak for how compelling the narrative is. On the other hand the jump pack mission was pretty nice. It was an exciting addition to the combat though I can’t speak for how the full game would be like.


Of course, taking all of that into account I think the game is worth every penny. My feeling is that it won’t be something you will remember forever but that you can come back to it time and time again to crush Orks and other enemies. For a fan of the series (such as myself) this is a must-have game. For someone who is just getting into the series perhaps wait for a price drop but I think if you’re into action games you’d really like it. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine knows what it is doing, and it does it amazingly well.

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