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The World is Ending, We are All Dying

This is the inevitable truth.

The caveat to such a bold statement is that there is still time. The world’s ultimate deadline is billions, perhaps even trillions of years away depending on when our home star, Sol (a.k.a. the sun in Latin, the root of “solar” and other related words). Each of our own deadlines varies but for most of us our brief flirtation with existence still has many years left.

The Light from the Grim

Few care to accept this reality. Religion offers an afterlife (that I don’t believe exists). Apathy and lack of focus simply points our attention elsewhere. But I think everyone can benefit from facing mortality of not only human life but the reality we exist in. This idea is at the core of the following ad:

When I first encountered this commercial I sat in silence contemplating its message.

One Great Thing

Every person on the planet can achieve this. This is a relative goal. Whether you hail from the slums of a third world country or from pristine mansions in the prosperous parts of the world you can achieve something great in your life.

There is darkness in such a potential, however. “Great” is a term that has no morality to it. As such there are people who achieve greatness through “bad” things.

But isn’t it beautiful! Call me crazy but I find the idea that every individual, every human being, is trying to achieve something that is their very own individual greatness is amazing! These are the people who are truly living life, and anybody who has given up on what they can do is no better than a corpse.

The Takeaway

So I tend to get lost in the grandeur of ideas. Let me bring it back down to Earth.

By living deliberately, continue to achieve and move forward in life.

“Forward” for you may be different from “forward” for me, but if you are moving in the direction you want to be or fighting to get there in some way I have great respect for that. You may be defeated but I find value in the drive and the journey. Whether your idea of moving forward is making a million dollars or putting your child through school or anything at all, if you are furiously fighting for who you are then you are soaring at the height of your potential.


Now if you’ll allow me to slip back into my perception…

What a sad, brilliant world it is! Humans are cursed with the ability to desire ideals but with an inability to reach them in any form. What torment must we all endure because of the reality of having a relative concept of happiness and sadness! Too few transcend these inherent qualities of mankind and achieve greatness in a way that’s more than personal, but global. Too few drive humans in a beneficial direction, too few exist to counter the degradation inherent to the dynamical system that our past, present, and future is.

How cruel that our existence as individuals is insignificant enough to never really be able to grasp the absolute, wrestling always in a shallow tide pool beside the ocean of time and space.

And yet, we persist, we thrive, we rejoice!

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