Benny's Adventures

A New Shift

I’ve been evaluating several choices in my life and have come to some conclusions.

The Format of this Blog

I’m going to make my posts shorter and more frequent. The trade off is that I’m not necessarily going for earth-shattering revelations but rather attempting to capture more of my transient thoughts. My hope is that it means that I will capture more of my thoughts and make this blog a little bit more personal to me.

A New Project

I’ve also come to find I want to do something with my writing. I’ve made it a goal to get published again. Now I say again but keep in mind that being published the first time meant a poem of mine appearing in a very small journal. I suspect all the copies sent out to its various readers were hand-made! That should tell you the scale of that first publication (i.e. It wasn’t an earth-shattering event). I considered creating a website but I don’t think my craft is honed enough to do that proudly so I will work on my skills by attempting to get published.

The Intended Effect

I’m hoping what this does is provide a framework for me to create accountability and give me a way to improve my discipline. Mainly I am hoping to create at least one post a day and that’s tough for me right now. In time though I hope to make it a habit. The side benefit is that I have for myself a journal. I can’t share my most intimate thoughts but I can certainly record some less sensitive experiences and thoughts and have it archived for the future. I can look back on it and have a bit more data to remember things with. I’m also hoping it will help make my writing more exciting if I’m going for shorter and sweeter posts. We’ll see how that goes.

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