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Gunslinger Girl, Season One Anime Review

Gunslinger Girl, Season One Anime Review [1]

Final Verdict: 100/100

I first watched Gunslinger Girl many moons ago. I’ve yet to take a look at the manga but honestly, I’m afraid to. Not because I would dislike it but because I don’t think I could put it down.

At first blush the anime seems like a pretty average, action-packed anime. Within the first ten minutes though all misconceptions are lost. Gunslinger Girl is a dark, touching show that chokes you with the thickness of its mournful melancholy.

The premise of the show revolves around an agency that “rescues” girls broken by terrible circumstance and puts them to work as assassins. While much like the title the premise is seemingly shallow, the creators of the anime masterfully weave together the forlorn tales of these girls and their agency partners. Each episode reveals enough to entice you into watching the next episode. I will do my best not to say any more revealing points because part of the draw to the show is slowly piecing together the background of the characters, the organization, and the world.

Intermixed with the sadness that permeates through the entire show is a warmth that can only come from well-conceived and well-written characters and interactions. By the end of the first season (by now there is a second season, entitled Il Teatrino, and if I’m not mistaken two extra episodes as well) I was full of emotions spanning the entire set of human feeling, my soul satiated unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Keep in mind though I enjoy the somber nature of this anime. If you prefer something more light-hearted, you might be better off elsewhere. Personally, I relished the way Gunslinger Girl brought me face to face with my humanity questioning relationships, love, kindness, and right and wrong.

Try it out, at least. I mean, c’mon, how can you say no to these girls?

Gunslinger Girl, Season One Anime Review [2]

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