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Katy Perry’s Chest

While in a car with friends I was told that Katy Perry’s breasts are on fire in her video for “Firework”. See here:

Katy Perry–Firework

I began watching with the childish thought, “boobs on fire!” but ended up wandering into the state of modern social perception.

I listened to the song and did my best to understand its message. I think it’s an admirable message that Katy Perry (or the song writer) is trying to convey and the song is worth at least one listen even if you are not a Katy Perry fan.

At first glance, however, it’s tough to take it seriously when at 0:46 Katy Perry’s chest lights up and fireworks start spewing forth. Why is that, though? After all the metaphor in the song is that your heart is full of light, brilliance, and wonder and you can shine brightly. Had this been a man singing this there would have been a reaction of a much smaller amplitude with respect to breasts.

But then what man would ever accept a song like this? It feels like we’re trapped in a world where if you’re a guy you have to have an “edgier” message or have scantily clad, attractive women dancing in the background. Perhaps a more specific way to phrase it is that a man cannot be sweet.

Of course it may just be that I’m not very exposed to all the music out there. However, this is my current impression.

If you have music I should listen to that supports or serves as a counter example let me know!

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Find New Music Using Amazon’s MP3 Store


Many services on the internet help you discover new music. Pandora and Grooveshark, for example, play music tailored to whatever taste you’ve set. The one limitation these services have is an inability to encounter completely unrelated songs.

Amazon MP3 offers a way around this. There are a variety of songs offered for free ranging from alternative rock to rap & hip hop. Currently there are also some seasonal albums and samplers available as well. The amount is not overwhelming but I’ve had some great finds looking through and listening to the free offerings so give it a shot and who knows, maybe you’ll find something you love!

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Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass


Ok Go are very capable of creating amazing videos that captivate the imagination and this video is no different. This video has the extra hook that it includes a marching band and I’m a fan of marching bands (having been in one for 4 years in college!). Enjoy!

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in Music: Ok Go – “White Knuckles”

Just watch the video (it’s wonderful, I promise):

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in Music: The Swinger

This little wonder takes any song you have and converts it into a swing beat. Check it out because it is really wonderful and kinda surreal to listen to songs like Daft Punk’s Around the World or Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing in swing rather than straight.

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