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Gasp! Mermaids don’t exist!

This is a legitimate article I encountered while scanning Google News’ Science category:

Mermaids don’t exist, according to US government

I am dumbstruck that such a piece warranted publishing. At first I thought it was an Onion article!

Speaking of the Onion, here’s a bonus:


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My Guilty Pleasure: Judge Judy

Isn’t she awesome?

I don’t normally enjoy shows that take something serious and dramatize it for the sake of television. However Judge Judy is an exception for me because she’s a bastion of reason, albeit harsh reason.

While elsewhere people are making millions because coffee is hot I’m confident the same line of thought would not fly in Judge Judy’s court. Judge Judy does not take faulty logic from anyone and I appreciate that. The fact that this is all televised makes the whole thing more accountable so I have no problem with the judgments. Should any be terrible the judgment is document on video. The cases are minor compared to what high courts deal with but I think they can learn a lot from Judge Judy.

Here’s an example:

Elsewhere the case would have dragged on and on or encountered a confounding factor. I think in any other court besides Judge Judy’s court the man could have made a case for himself and win this.

It’s also interesting to see what happens afterward. Check this out:

I’ll try not to spoil the video if you haven’t seen it but the reactions after the judgment are a chance to see how the plaintiff and defendant feel about the case. Sometimes they say things that contradict what’s taken as the truth in the court room but more often than not this happens with people disconnected from reality or just plain lying. The personalities and their responses are great to see so the viewer gets another chance to make a judgment of the judgment (after all, I believe that’s why it’s on TV, at least next to making money).

It makes me happy to see at least an attempt at reason flourish somewhere in this world.

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On the way to the Kitchen

I found this on Reddit and it made me laugh like crazy for some reason (I think it’s the delivery of the last line):

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Good Dog

From the blog “tastefully offensive”:

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