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Acer C710 Unboxing (Woah! I have a Chromebook now!)

The laptop I used since early 2010 finally died in the middle of this year. I’ve talked about this laptop twice before including one occasion where the laptop failed and HP repaired it. The same problem cropped up again it seems where the laptop would not turn on and flashed error codes. After some research it looks like the CPU failed. It’s been 3.5 years since I got it and I reevaluated my computer usage and surprisingly found Chromebooks to be useful and inexpensive for my needs. I do not like to play games while on the go and I don’t have a history of activities beyond internet browsing when I am out of the house or abroad. Since I already have a Google account and am mired in the Google ecosystem (Gmail, Android, etc.) a Chromebook is just enough to satisfy my needs. Plus it’s a new “toy” to play with and that’s always exciting! (as an added bonus I got a hard drive upgrade for my desktop using the laptop’s hard drive)

I’ll share more detailed thoughts later but I just wanted to share the excitement of opening up my new gadget!














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Having a Tablet PC Post-School

For my studies I obtained (with the help of my generous parents) a HP TouchSmart TX2z tablet:

During school, even with all its supposed drawbacks (see here if you need some examples), this computer served me well and I took many a set of notes for class with it.

I’ve graduated now, however, and I don’t take notes anymore. What more can I do with it? I’ve tried keeping a journal with it but if I’m at a computer then the temptation to type is large, especially when you can use Notepad as a very useful, private journaling tool. I’ve tried using it as an engineering brainstorming device but it’s easier to use CAD software or pencil and paper where I can use devices like a ruler or a protractor. I’ve even tried learning to draw on it but software that can use the pressure-sensitive screen is expensive and even then the control is not as great as with say, paper and colored pencil/crayon/markers/paint/etc.

At this point I’m at a loss for what I can do with it. Maybe I should just sell it so that I can use the funds to purchase a better laptop that doesn’t have important features that I will never use. I could effectively trade the tablet capability for a laptop that can watch videos without stuttering or maybe even play games.

That sounds like a lot more work than I’m interested in at the moment though – do any of you readers out there have any idea what I can do with a Tablet PC?

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5 Cool Things to do with NotePad

notepad.exe_I0002_0409Windows comes with Notepad which initially seems pretty useless but there are a lot of little things you can do with it that are really entertaining are useful. Here’s a website that lists 5 of them:

5 Groovy Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Notepad.exe

I think my favorite is #3. When combined with ways to hide sensitive files I see the potential for a easy journal to keep in a world where computers are ubiquitous.

Check it out! Maybe you’ll find a cool use for Notepad you never knew before! If you do find one, share them here so the world can benefit!

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