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Having a Tablet PC Post-School

For my studies I obtained (with the help of my generous parents) a HP TouchSmart TX2z tablet:

During school, even with all its supposed drawbacks (see here if you need some examples), this computer served me well and I took many a set of notes for class with it.

I’ve graduated now, however, and I don’t take notes anymore. What more can I do with it? I’ve tried keeping a journal with it but if I’m at a computer then the temptation to type is large, especially when you can use Notepad as a very useful, private journaling tool. I’ve tried using it as an engineering brainstorming device but it’s easier to use CAD software or pencil and paper where I can use devices like a ruler or a protractor. I’ve even tried learning to draw on it but software that can use the pressure-sensitive screen is expensive and even then the control is not as great as with say, paper and colored pencil/crayon/markers/paint/etc.

At this point I’m at a loss for what I can do with it. Maybe I should just sell it so that I can use the funds to purchase a better laptop that doesn’t have important features that I will never use. I could effectively trade the tablet capability for a laptop that can watch videos without stuttering or maybe even play games.

That sounds like a lot more work than I’m interested in at the moment though – do any of you readers out there have any idea what I can do with a Tablet PC?

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Two Thumbs up for HP Customer Support


I own a custom ordered HP TouchSmart tx2z-1300 that stopped booting up on December 20, 2010. If you notice my previous post it refers to this. I spent a day trying myself to fix the issue but after some research it was clear that the failure was beyond my ability to address.

What happened is that when I powered on my laptop on that day the screen was blank and though I could hear the fan running nothing else happened. The “num lk” key and the “caps lock” key lit up in a pattern: blink… pause… blink… pause… and so on. Some investigation lead me to this site indicating a CPU failure.

In any case on December 21 I called HP customer support. Now you have to remember that I loathe calling customer support because of a combination of stubbornness and perception. The first person I talked with said I’d been redirected to the desktop rather than laptop support and so I had to hold while they transferred me. “Oh great,” I thought. “It’s already started.” The instant I completed that thought a man picked up and introduced himself as Sanjay. Being of Indian origin myself I recognized the accent and the name. However the fact that he was Indian and I’d probably reached a call center in India was not a bother to me. I conveyed the problem to him and after following the prescribed steps Sanjay said that I’d have to send it in for replacement. I was quite dismayed at this because the thought of not having my laptop felt empty. I wasn’t at school where I had my desktop with all my files synced and my programs already loaded so it would be highly inconvenient. In any case I submitted to the circumstances and after making sure I would get my computer back before I returned to school I hung up.

The next day I received a box. I loaded my computer up inside and due to sheer laziness only sent it the next day on December 23.

This is where I got worried.

I checked the status of the repair online and saw nothing. The package I shipped had not been received. This was the same until December 28. At this point the site updated to indicate that the estimated ship date (the date I would receive it) was January 6, 2011, two days before I returned to school. That made me nervous.

I called again and asked about the date. The representative was very nice (also Indian) and assured me that more likely than not I would get my computer sooner than the date as it was a conservative estimate. She also said she’d make a note for the technician that I needed it ASAP.

Lo and behold, 3 days later I had my laptop! Not on January 6, 2011, but on December 31, 2010.

I was very satisfied with HP Customer Support.  The only downside is this guy I saw every time I had to check my status:


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