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Gunslinger Girl, Season One Anime Review

Gunslinger Girl, Season One Anime Review [1]

Final Verdict: 100/100

I first watched Gunslinger Girl many moons ago. I’ve yet to take a look at the manga but honestly, I’m afraid to. Not because I would dislike it but because I don’t think I could put it down.

At first blush the anime seems like a pretty average, action-packed anime. Within the first ten minutes though all misconceptions are lost. Gunslinger Girl is a dark, touching show that chokes you with the thickness of its mournful melancholy.

The premise of the show revolves around an agency that “rescues” girls broken by terrible circumstance and puts them to work as assassins. While much like the title the premise is seemingly shallow, the creators of the anime masterfully weave together the forlorn tales of these girls and their agency partners. Each episode reveals enough to entice you into watching the next episode. I will do my best not to say any more revealing points because part of the draw to the show is slowly piecing together the background of the characters, the organization, and the world.

Intermixed with the sadness that permeates through the entire show is a warmth that can only come from well-conceived and well-written characters and interactions. By the end of the first season (by now there is a second season, entitled Il Teatrino, and if I’m not mistaken two extra episodes as well) I was full of emotions spanning the entire set of human feeling, my soul satiated unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Keep in mind though I enjoy the somber nature of this anime. If you prefer something more light-hearted, you might be better off elsewhere. Personally, I relished the way Gunslinger Girl brought me face to face with my humanity questioning relationships, love, kindness, and right and wrong.

Try it out, at least. I mean, c’mon, how can you say no to these girls?

Gunslinger Girl, Season One Anime Review [2]

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My Guilty Pleasure: Judge Judy

Isn’t she awesome?

I don’t normally enjoy shows that take something serious and dramatize it for the sake of television. However Judge Judy is an exception for me because she’s a bastion of reason, albeit harsh reason.

While elsewhere people are making millions because coffee is hot I’m confident the same line of thought would not fly in Judge Judy’s court. Judge Judy does not take faulty logic from anyone and I appreciate that. The fact that this is all televised makes the whole thing more accountable so I have no problem with the judgments. Should any be terrible the judgment is document on video. The cases are minor compared to what high courts deal with but I think they can learn a lot from Judge Judy.

Here’s an example:

Elsewhere the case would have dragged on and on or encountered a confounding factor. I think in any other court besides Judge Judy’s court the man could have made a case for himself and win this.

It’s also interesting to see what happens afterward. Check this out:

I’ll try not to spoil the video if you haven’t seen it but the reactions after the judgment are a chance to see how the plaintiff and defendant feel about the case. Sometimes they say things that contradict what’s taken as the truth in the court room but more often than not this happens with people disconnected from reality or just plain lying. The personalities and their responses are great to see so the viewer gets another chance to make a judgment of the judgment (after all, I believe that’s why it’s on TV, at least next to making money).

It makes me happy to see at least an attempt at reason flourish somewhere in this world.

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Google TV? Meh.

google-tv-logo-1-e1282154624777My first response when I heard about Google TV was expecting to see another website like YouTube or Hulu. However I finally decided to investigate a bit and see what the buzz on Google News’ Sci./Tech. page was. First I checked out Google TV’s blog and read some blurbs from the development project manager. One paragraph goes like this:

One of our goals with Google TV is to finally open up the living room and enable new innovation from content creators, programmers, developers and advertisers. By bringing Google Chrome and access to the entire Internet, you can easily navigate to thousands of websites to watch your favorite web videos, play Flash games, view photos, read movie reviews or chat with friends—all on the big screen.

At first it seems just like turning the living room TV into a computer. Then I realized that it was.

It could be that I’m predominantly archaic in my thinking because I grew up right as computers were becoming ubiquitous and I don’t think that everything should have access to everything that a computer can. I think however that I have reasonable evidence that I can accept innovations. For example, take the Xbox Live features added over the years. When social elements were added on top of the basic matchmaking functionality in the original Xbox’s Live system that was a step forward. When Xbox Live added Facebook integration I was not enthused. Similarly I don’t particularly feel the need for a browser on my TV especially when I already have a desktop, a laptop, a phone with internet access, and the potential to have an iPad, an iPod touch, and more devices all with internet access.

Furthermore let’s think about what consequences this could have. Browsers crash. I do not want my TV to crash. I don’t want to ever have to reboot my TV especially if I’m right in the middle of a show I love. I don’t want to worry about viruses or malware on my TV. If we’re starting turning objects into computers the drawbacks will be there as well as the benefits. I can understand that Google is seeking another way to make money. But is anyone else just not excited that everything around them is turning into a computer?

I can’t wait for the day when urinals are connected to the web so while you’re peeing you can check your e-mail.

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in Television: Soul Eater

soul eater

Lately I’ve been watching a show called Soul Eater on Hulu. It’s about young pairs of meisters and weapons (a human-type character who can transform into a weapon to be wielded by the meister) at an academy run by Death. These pairs hunt bad souls and witches and keep the world safe. A lot of the concepts are reminiscent of Bleach (which I follow in manga format on Mangastream) but much of the difference and unique qualities of Soul Eater lies in the characters. There’s a lot of depth involved for the main characters and some of the supporting characters have quite a bit of depth too. There’s a good ratio of action-packed, plot-progressing episodes to filler episodes. The pacing hasn’t gotten on my nerves yet but that might be because I’ve been able to watch multiple episodes in a row on Hulu so far (I’m reaching the end of the episodes up so far, though). Really the only thing that bothers me is the animation of Maka’s (one of the main characters) eyes. Outside of that I find the animation and art style very refreshing. My favorite part is the sky – make sure you notice the sun and the moon.

If you’ve got any free time on your hands, check it out!

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