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Dorm Life vs. Apartment Life

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Still fresh out of college and learning about the ways of the “real world” one of the biggest transitions is from dorm life to apartment life. After living a few weeks in an apartment I think I can safely say that even with the benefits of an apartment I’d take dorm life any day.

The biggest reason for preferring dorm life is probably because I’m very low key in terms of space. I knew people that filled up apartments even in college and I also knew people who had nearly nothing. I fit in the middle somewhere and I can fit everything I need to live in a dorm room, even with a room mate! Thus one of the biggest benefits of an apartment (all the increased space) is lost on me. In fact, I’m actually apprehensive about it. If I don’t need to fill up this space… what happens when that space actually gets filled up? I don’t want to have a bunch of things I don’t need lying around.

This becomes a big reason because the benefits of dorm life outweigh the benefits of an apartment as a result. If I had needed all the space for my necessities then it’d be worth it but given my nature, I find that dorm life allows me to be more social and just have a lot more fun in general. I’m close to my friends, my bathroom and hallway cleaning is taken care of, and a lot of useful places are close to me.

Of course, as life necessitates more space an apartment will definitely come in handy. I’m sure that some day my completely empty den will have a reason to exist, but until then I really miss life back in college. There are so many memories I could not have had if I’d lived in any other style of housing. Of course I also had the luxury of it – I could afford it thanks to my wonderful parents. I also never had a terrible roommate story. I’m sure some people got scared off of dorms thanks to the worst case scenarios that they could have experienced or have heard about, but for me I didn’t have any problems.

The differences between housing is of course a small part of the bigger picture. Soon enough I’ll write up a more holistic comparison between life in college and life as a working man. And if you happen to want a much more detailed comparison between a dorm and an apartment from my perspective, let me know.

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