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on the Internet: Wireless Broadband Availability Expanding!


President Obama is moving forward with an initiative that makes more frequencies available for wireless use. This could mean the rise of broadband services that bypass the limits of wired infrastructure and eventually transcend wired networks with advancing wireless technology.

I just hope this means that more broadband initiatives could pass (assuming this passes, of course) and leads to increasing speeds to keep us competitive with the rest of the world.

It will be interesting to see how Congress responds to this.

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on the Internet: Verizon offers FiOS trials and month-to-month service


This summer I’ve been really frustrated with internet services when I tried to find a service for the apartment I was going to live in. The biggest issue is that broadband services in the US are TERRIBLE. On top of that the providers tend to offer their higher-tier services only on long-term contracts. Not that their higher-tier services are really that high to begin with.

However, FiOS was the light that descended from the heavens for me… until I realized it too was marred by the same defects… until now! I think Verizon has made the right move and am eagerly waiting to see where this goes. FiOS will be the first thing I get (assuming it’s in my area) when I go out into the real world, so Verizon – you can count me as one of your future customers for broadband service.

Until then, though, I have Duke University’s network to use and boy oh boy is it a joy!

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