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My First Extension: StayFocusd

I’ve used Chrome for a while but never really bothered with the extension scene. This was the same back in the day when I used Firefox. However I tried my first extension today in an attempt to increase my productivity.

I didn’t set out to do that but I was browsing the Chrome extensions rated highest and stumbled across StayFocusd.


The premise of this extension is blocking access to a website after an allotted amount of time. The precise configuration of length of time and days active can be configured in the settings.

What I’ve set up is a system where I block the sites that I waste the most time on during the useful work week, which I defined personally to be Sunday through Thursday, inclusive. I left Friday and Saturday open because I’d like to relax before I get back to work on Sunday.

I’ll see how this extension works and report on it at the end of this week. Hopefully one of the benefits you’ll see is more posts on my blog.

20 February 2011 Posted by | productivity | , , | 3 Comments


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