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Taken with: Motorola Droid

I was at the beach and this is a very interesting sand formation I saw. This is quite close up and it makes it seem almost other-worldly.

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on the Internet: Oh happy dog, why are you so happy?

Last one for today, I promise! Found on reddit.tumblr_l8occyTOz91qapdo9o1_500

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in Photography: Trail

Photo taken with: Motorola Droid

Just an interesting view I saw on my way back from lab again.

…Life seems to revolve around lab, doesn’t it…

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in Photography: Loneliness

Photo taken with: Motorola Droid

I saw this rose when I was walking to the bus stop and thought it was interesting. Who knows what could have transpired to end up with this flower being placed there! I’m envisioning a boy trying to woo a girl, but having his heart broken and thus leaving behind the flower as he walks away. Who knows…

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