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Loneliness, Fire in Movies, and Knights

It’s Tough to Meet People

While I’ve met some pretty nice people but it’s difficult to create a circumstance where it’s easy to find people to hang out with on any given day. I think it’s taking its toll but fortunately I keep myself occupied by engineering.

Why is fire in movies so dim?

I’ve seen a single candle light up a large room yet a torch in movies seems to be nothing more than a small little circle of light in darkness. I guess it’s possible that it’s done for dramatic effect. But so many mistakes and/or scary moments could have been averted if things just worked the way they should have. Oh well.

Knights! They’re so cool!

There’s just something awesome about the idea of a knight. Obviously it’s not a perfect ideal because in fact chivalry is very unfair and chauvinistic. That being said, if we ignore the flaws it’s a pretty cool life style. I suppose that’s the same with anything though, isn’t it? If you ignore the flaws, things are pretty cool.

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