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I write short articles for Associated Content to earn a little bit of money on the side. My most recent article involves lessons I learned during my third year of college. I also have similar articles for my first and second years.

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Associated Content is a website where users can submit articles on any topic and generate revenue from it. The company takes a share of the ad revenue and the rest you get. I haven’t become a millionaire as a result of Associated Content but I’ve earned a pretty steady trickle of income that’s let me do things like buy a $9.99 game on Steam every once in a while. I’m sure the potential to earn money is higher if I decided to pursue more relevant topics that drew in more traffic but for now I’m satisfied. Still, perhaps with a cross-marketing campaign of sorts I can make even more!

In any case, check it out and maybe you’d like to try it too! If so, and you found out about Associated Content from me, please use this referral link! Thank you!

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