Benny's Adventures

About Me

My name’s Benny and I’m another soul in this wide world looking for expression and, perhaps more importantly, something to do.

I have an enjoyable job in Virginia as an engineer that keeps me busy for at least 40 hours in the week. I spend the rest of my time reading, playing video games, playing in a local band, and trying new things. Thus when I talk about my adventures it’s very likely you’ll hear about these things. In particular I like talking about video games so you’ll likely hear a lot about them but I also like to think about life, the world around me, people, and more.

I hope you enjoy my posts!


  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

    Comment by ReadersHeaven | 21 September 2010 | Reply

  2. I do enjoy your posts, actually 🙂 hahaha I’m new to the blogosphere but you seem to be doing quite well 🙂 I really like the reddit up/down vote button… is your site listed on a subreddit?

    Comment by domesticmajestic | 6 October 2012 | Reply

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