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Salem and the Livin’ is Easy

Well it’s not technically easy but I wanted to make a reference to one of my favorite songs, Summertime.

I’ve been in Salem a few days now and life’s been interesting.

The first thing that hit me is how beautiful the surroundings are. Salem is in the Roanoke Valley (if my understanding of the geography is correct) and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The mountains are actually prettier in person. I’ve taken a drive down parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway as well as looked around here and there and I can verify this. I love the scenery.

I’ve yet to interact with the people much. So far those I’ve had to talk to have been nice. I need to get around to creating a social network here for me but that’ll happen in time. In the mean time I’ve been enjoying time to myself and the adventure of creating life in an empty apartment.

Currently I’ve been able to set up what will become my engineering/game room (what I consider the most important room). I have furniture coming in Thursday so then my bedroom and living room will be set. The kitchen is the kitchen… I’ll have to learn to use it more before I can do anything with it, really.

I am excited. I am anxious. I’m a little scared. Let’s see where all this takes me!

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  1. Congratulations on your graduation from school. Best of luck in your new job. I am confident that you will do just fine, same as you have in the past!

    Comment by Ellie K | 19 June 2011 | Reply

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